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“Healthy Citizens are the greatest asset any country can have” with this thought and a goal inclined toward the Fit India movement and a mission of making the community healthy, we are making sure that people and especially women, who are very much prone to a hormonal imbalance with the lifestyle we live nowadays can live a disease-free healthy life so that they can empower themselves and make sure our nation keeps on developing.

India is a developing nation and when a nation remains unhealthy it will reduce its pace to becoming a developed one. Study shows that nearly 45 million Indians and every 8th woman in India is affected by Thyroid. Similarly, at least 1 billion people in India are estimated to be affected by Diabetes. Also, every 5th woman in India is also suffering from PCOD.

health of a nation is more important than the wealth of a nation.”

About us

Richa is a renowned dietician owning several years of experience in creating top-class nutrition diet plans to reverse Thyroid, Diabetes, and PCOS etc. She always believes in following a unique approach that is more dedicated to helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Happy clients always recommend her holistic, easy and simple methods to others.

Today, everybody wants a good body shape and perfect health, and they struggle a lot to achieve the same. Often, people may not recognize what is good for their well-being and what is not because everyone has varied requirements. Thus, Richa and her team dedicate their time and energy to personalize and customize a diet plan for people who want to get rid of extra weight. Richa is an award-winning dietitian as her plans are not only benefiting the individual but also beneficial for the society. With her diet plans she is helping people by giving healthy diet and lifestyle. With these professionals, you receive the right diet plan and awareness regarding health and nutrition.

40000+ Happy Transformations

Clients Across 40+ Countries

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My Weight Loss Journey

Hey, This is Richa, an experienced dietician and nutritionist. My team and I are working with people who want to reduce weight and cure other health issues.

But my weight loss journey was also quite interesting. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I went on to weigh around 100 Kg. That was a very painful period for me, and I desperately wanted to defeat that condition, so I decided to lose weight by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

So, I began my weight loss journey back in 2017. I was not consistent at that time. At the end of all the hard work, avoiding my favorite meals, I hardly saw any positive change in my body. It took almost a year to get into shape because I was inconsistent. Many people used to ask me why it’s taking too much time for me to lose weight because you are a dietician, but trust me, I had no proper answer to that question.


Normal Weight Loss diet plans are made for people who are generally dealing with weight gain or obesity.

These plans are for those who just want to lose weight without dealing with additional health conditions and don ‘t have medical issues like high or low blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems, PCOS, PCOD, etc.

The main objective of a weight loss plan is to provide you with lifetime knowledge and support as per your unique health status so that you can always enjoy a healthy body and maintain your weight.


If you have any medical condition such as High or Low blood pressure, Diabetes, Thyroid problems, PCOS, PCOD, etc. then you may choose the medical diet plan as it is medically curated to treat that medical condition as well as help you to lose weight.

Diabetes: Manage blood sugar and weight with a tailored diet plan for a balanced and enjoyable life.

PCOS/PCOD: Restore hormonal balance with personalized nutritional plans, achieving health goals like weight loss.

Thyroid: Adopt a natural thyroid diet plan for overall well-being and immune system support.

High or Low BP: Control your blood pressure with a customized diet plan to help you lose weight and live better.

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Why Choose us?

A healthy body makes your mind healthy, and a healthy mind leads to a happy and healthy life. With the ever-increasing stress in our lives, we get very little time for ourselves and fail to look after the nutritional needs of our bodies. The world is suffering from different health problems, most of which can be accredited to unhealthy eating habits.

Thus, a proper diet plan that can be personalized for a person is important. You may not know the technicalities of diet and nutrition. As Richa and her team are professional and highly qualified dieticians with adequate experience, they look after every little need of your bodily nutrition and customize the best possible diet program that suits your lifestyle. You can observe the improvement in your well-being in a few months after switching your new eating habits and plans. In the beginning, they will not make you count your calories out and calories in. Richa’s team follow a different approach to working with clients and training. They usually focus on transformations that you can continue lifelong.

Unlike other dieticians, Richa’s programs are not unidirectional. Besides assisting you in losing weight, her team will also assist you in mending your gut dysbiosis, share methods to balance fluctuating hormones and boost your metabolism in your body.

Organic Recipes

In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, embracing organic ingredients in your recipes.

Nutrition Strategies

Nutrition strategies play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Improving Health

Improving health encompasses various aspects of well-being.

BMI Calculator

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure that helps assess an individual's body weight.

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Success Stories

Raashi Karan khanna
Raashi Karan khanna
Hello friends Here i am giving my loyal reviews for Richa di’s diet plan. My name is Raashi and am new mom. My weight never loose even m trying everything for loose like diet, exercise, drink, medicine everything. 2/3kg loose and back to last size. Then i’m taking di’s plan my start weight is 92kg and believe me guys am taking only diet and weight now 81kg in one month. If you looking healthy easy and tasty recipes with loose weight also please go with Richa di❤️🧿🥰🫶🏻🙏
Kirti K
Kirti K
One of the best dietician I have come across.. I have been trying to reduce weight from a long time.. I came across Richa's Instagram handle via scrolling down reels, and I was amazed to see the results. So I also decided to reach out to her and being heavy weight since then is history. Her meal plans are not only healthy but show amazing results. I love how her plans have been planned out making sure to detox your body every 10 days. I have definitely fallen in love with diet plans shared by her.. She and her plans helped me realize that in order to diet, stay healthy, and cope with urges, all I needed was a comprehensive strategy...
Mayuri Pagariya
Mayuri Pagariya
Great diet plans which are so easy to implement. Also recipes shared by richa are amazing. Weightloss journey was super easy, comfortable and tasty at the same time. Thank you Richa ❤️
pooja kethari
pooja kethari
I had opted for 1 month diet plan and could see an amazing result in 30 days. I lost 6 kgs and never felt like I compromised on food.. Thanks to Richa and team for making this journey a smooth and comfortable one. Thanks a lot😍
Archna Chauhan
Archna Chauhan
Always been my favourite dietitian.. Miss Richa.. thank you so much for ur support it’s just a beginning my movie is left…
Ruby S Tyagi
Ruby S Tyagi
I highly recommend her because I have not only achieved my weight loss goals but have also developed a healthier relationship with food. Her expertise and compassionate approach is something I would really admire. Thankyou Richa for your dedication to helping others thrive.
Rituparna Bose
Rituparna Bose
Unbelievable result ❤️ Richa Ma'am diet plan works so well
It is an amazing weight loss journey. I have reduced 5 kg within 1.5 months. With proper diet my hair fall issue gradually decreasing. All thanks to Richa mam . Thank you mam for your guidance and support ☺️.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly Refer to our catalogue section for pricing
Yes, we provide home-based workout plans that do not require any type of equipment.
We target a 3-5 kgs reduction in 1 month. However, we do not guarantee a specific weight loss as it is a complete metabolic process that differs from individual to individual. It also depends on how religiously you follow the diet plan.
If you have any such questions? Then yes, we do customize your plan accordingly based on your lifestyle and availability of food items
Yes, we can customize your diet plans as per your liking from the second week onwards and all the recipes are easy to cook at home only.
No, since you will be on a result-oriented diet. Hence, there will be some restrictions on customizations and options, and not all cuisines can be replaced with your choice of cuisine.
Yes, we provide written recipes as well along with diet as well as various options for each meal.
No, we do not recommend any such thing as every diet is curated specifically for every individual and may not suit everyone.
No, we only provide you with diet plans along with recipes that can be easily cooked at home. Our USP is that we treat our clients with their medical conditions without the use of any medications. Hence, it is sustainable in the long run.
You can visit my Instagram Page and check out my clients’ amazing transformation stories
My expertise lies in Weight Loss Diet Plans, Fat Loss Diet Plans, Inch Loss Diet Plans, PCOS/PCOD Diet Plans, Thyroid Diet Plans, Diabetes Diet Plans, High BP Diet Plans, and Pre-Natal/Post-Partum Diet Plans. My approach is sustainable and result-oriented.
In most cases, if the diet is followed properly results will definitely show up. However, me and my team will be always there to guide you during your weight loss journey if your results are slow.
You may choose a plan based on your goal, current body weight, and medical condition. You can also connect with us on WhatsApp if you are still confused.
Normal Diet plans are for those with no medical condition such as High or Low Blood Pressure (BP), Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, etc., and just want to lose weight. If you don’t have any medical issues, you may choose the normal diet plan which helps in weight loss. If you have any medical condition from any of the mentioned above then you may choose the medical diet plan as it is medically curated to treat that medical condition as well as help you to lose weight.
You will receive 4 diet charts in 1 month that is 1 for every week. These are customized diet plans per an individual’s body type and medical condition. We also have 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month plans. You may choose the duration based on your goal.

Usually, it takes at least 3 months for noticeable changes
Kindly message us on WhatsApp with your requirements, and we will get back to you. Our team will mention your starting date as per the upcoming available slots.
We will guide you with payment gateway details We do not have any EMI payment options nor do we have any refund policy as services once purchased are considered to be redeemed
Yes, we will curate a medical diet plan as per your condition which will help you to reverse your PCOD/PCOS or maintain Thyroid levels naturally or maintain insulin levels in your body and help you lose weight more efficiently.
Kindly message us on WhatsApp and we shall guide you accordingly.
In order to monitor, we require you to share daily meal pictures with us over WhatsApp so that we can keep a check on your portions and also weekly weight updates with us. Also, we expect discipline and consistency from you Follow your plan with utmost dedication because “Consistency is bigger than any Motivation”.
Under Richa Ma’am’s supervision, an experienced team will be guiding you every day on WhatsApp for your queries from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Any query raised outside working hours will be resolved during working hours.
Yes, you can have an on-call conversation with Richa twice every month to seek more guidance. For this, you have to take 24 hours prior appointment over WhatsApp only.

Any calls without any prior appointment will not be answered.
We provide videos of workouts along with PDFs for both Gym and Home.
No, we do not support or provide keto diets
No, services once purchased are considered to be redeemed and hence we do not have any refund policy.
Any More Questions? Get in Touch
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